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Help us Find Properties

help us find properties

Earn some Extra Money!

Can you help us find properties? We have more clients than good properties that suit them, so we would like to reach out to all those people out there in Dumaguete City and surrounding Negros Oriental who might know of properties that we could possibly match up to our client list.

If you know of any properties for sale similar to one of those on the list below, please give us a call to schedule an appointment. If we sell one of the properties we get from you, you will earn a a good and fair fee.

Please not the following

  • You must have copies of all necessary documents including Title, Sketch Plan, Extra-judicial settlements, relevant Special Power of Attorneys (SPA), Liens or Encumbrances and Legal Settlement
  • All titles must be clean
  • No properties considered with more than 2 signatories
  • All legal signatories must be available and willing to sign a memorandum of agreement for us to act as their marketing agent
  • Property access has to be secure and easy, preferably fronting on a main Barangay/municipal road or highway.

Specific properties we require

  1. Operating Farm – P3-5M
    • Somewhere within 1 hour of Dumaguete City
    • Can be crops or livestock.
    • Preferably able to put half down and rest on payments
  2. Beach lot: 1000-3000sqm – P2.5-5M
    • Within 20-30 minutes of Dumaguete City
    • Preferably Bacong or Dauin.
  3. Lot: Min 4000sqm – Max P3M
    • Maximum 30 minutes from downtown Dumaguete City
    • Absolutely no chance of flooding issues.
  4. Lot: 800-1000sqm – Max P1000/sqm
    • Close to Dauin or Valencia
    • Can be used for little farm and build a house
  5. Lot: Min 400sqm – Max P1M
    • In Bacong
  6. Lot: Min 1000sqm – P1M or P1.2M with small native house
    • In Valencia
    • Low slope
    • No flooding issues.
    • Good view a preference
  7. Lot: 1000-2000sqm – P1500-P2000/sqm
    • In Valencia
    • Good view
    • Enough low slope land to build a large house
  8. Lot: 600-1,000sqm – Under 1M
    • Maximum 20 minute walk from Poblacion Valencia
    • Almost near the road with right of way and quiet
    • Not a lot of neighbors
  9. Lot: 500-1000sqm – Max P1.2M
    • Area around Cangmating Iceplant outside Sibulan
    • Should be right on the road.
  10. Lot – Max P5M
    • With nice western style house just outside Dumaguete
    • P2M down and the rest on installment
  11. Lot: 500-1000sqm – Max P2M
    • Just outside Dumaguete
  12. Lot: 500-1000sqm – Approx P750,000
    • Close to town
    • Access does not have to be right on road but has to be clear and legal right of way to property
  13. House and Lot – Max P1.2M
    • Close to road
    • Near Valencia or Bacong.
  14. House and Lot – Max P1M
    • Near road
    • Near Valencia or Bacong
    • 2 or 3 bedrooms
  15. Lot: 600-1000sqm – P2500 – P3000/sqm
    • Near paved road
    • Close to Dumaguete
    • Not congested
    • No squatters
    • Preferably Batinguel or Motong
  16. Lot up to 6000sqm – Max: P450/sqm
    • Proper road right of way
    • Within 30 minutes of Dumaguete

If you do not have one a property that is similar to these specific requirements, but do have one that meets our general requirements, which is priced fairly at market value or below, feel free to contact us to see if we think we could market it successfully.

Please contact Shirley at , text her at 0916 405 8239 or message us on Facebook and quote the property number (1-16)


If you have a property for sale or rent you may add it here.