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Sold [SOLD] - Lots

Valencia Lots for Sale

valencia lots for salevalencia lots for sale

Walking Distance to Town Plaza

The Valencia Lots for sale are set on a quiet side road off the main road to Palinpanon and are three individually titled 500 square meter parcels. the entire property bundle can be purchased as one block at a discount and developed as a rental unit income property, or as individual lots for single family home use. there is already a wall/fence along the outer border of the 3 properties so if purchased individually, the only fencing requirement will be the interior boundary between you and your direct neighbor.

Valencia is a small, well managed clean and quiet municipality set in the foothills of the Negros Oriental coastal mountains. Being at a higher elevation means a generally cooler and more temperate climate without the need for extensive air conditioning of your living spaces. This beautiful mountain town is also only a fifteen minute drive down a new concrete highway to the City of Dumaguete and all its modern amenities.


Lot sizes – 500 sqm

Price – 800,000 php

Access – from titled subdivision road off gravel Barangay Road

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    Negros Construction PartnerIf you need help in design or construction of your new home on this lot, please view the website of our professional building affiliate.

    Are you looking for property in Valencia in the province of Negros Oriental? If so, we invite you to browse the many quality listing of our affiliated licensed brokers, who have painstakingly checked out each and every property before it gets listed on our website. To start, let us give you a brief overview of Valencia. It is a municipality, nestled withing the coastal Mountains of Negros Oriental with the majestic backdrop of Mount Talinis and the focal point being the town proper. In downtown Valencia, you will find a local market, town square and a laid back and friendly community of locals, and a short drive into the mountains will take you to lush rain forests, majestic waterfalls and soothing hot springs. One of the main drawing points of this area for foreigners and Filipinos alike, is the cooler more temperate climate, typical of higher elevations. In terms of market conditions, property in Valencia is highly sought after due to the recent  boom due to the influx of foreign expats attracted to all the Negros Oriental communities surrounding Dumaguet City. Lots will range in price from around the 1,000 pesos per sqm point for smaller residential properties in the outlying area and 3,000 to 4,000 for those right in the town proper. For larger property sizes, you will be forced to look in the surrounding barangays  such as East and West Balabog, Palinpanon , etc, and there you could find prices as low as 400 to 500 pesos per square meter. Like most of Negros Oriental around Dumaguete, decent house and lots for sale are few and far between, however there are some out there mostly above the 5 million peso mark.
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