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Awesome Overlooking House and Lot For Sale ID#14257 - Sibulan

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Property ID : 14257

Sold, For Sale [SOLD] - Family Home, House
4000 sqm 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms  Add to Favorites Print


This awesome overlooking house and lot for sale is located only around 600 meters from the national highway but along paved road. It is overlooking the ocean and you can clearly see the island of Cebu and Sumilon.
Separated with the house is a small farm where you can use to grow your own food.
The property is fully gated with a remote controlled fence and is nicely landscaped. Property has two buildings, a small native retreat house and a pool.
Main building has three rooms. One of the room is the Masters bedroom with its own hot and cold shower with deep bath and walk in closet. It has two doors, one of which goes out to the outside porch that has a good view of the ocean. The other two rooms has shared toilet and bath. All rooms have air conditions. House has a big Living area, kitchen and dining area, with a big porch outside overlooking the ocean where you can stretch and relax. Kitchen, maid’s bathroom and guest bathroom has solar water heater.
Second building is the maid’s quarter with one room, one toilet and bath, one laundry area, one dirty kitchen and a shop where all carpentry and other tools are kept. Beside the shop is also a car garage.
Property has a big pool with Jacuzzi. It has also its own water pump which is the main supplier of their water. Local water supply is also available.
Outside the fence of the house is a little farm where you can grow your own vegetables or raise animals, it is fenced as well but property still stretch a little further down that needs a bit cleaning.

Other Features of this overlooking house for sale:

• water system includes Kenetico water softener, water filter, water tank with 2000 liters, own deep well, with submersible pump.
• wireless internet connection and satellite tv.
• Tegula concrete Roofing, it may last for 40 years or more.
• Nipa hut included
• semi furnished, all built in furniture and appliances included like the fridge, stove, dryer among others
• owned 2 poles of NORECO power line.
• roll up door at the workshop
• swimming pool has a special feature that can make a wave with 2hp pump.

Very nice overlooking house for sale which is well worth  look at.

Overlooking House and Lot For Sale Details:

  1. Lot Area: approx. 4,000sqm.
  2. Floor Area: Main House – approx. 230sqm
  3. Maids Quarter – approx. 80sqm
  4. Location: Maningcao, Sibulan, Negros Oriental
  5. Price: From 25 Million Pesos now down to 21 Million Pesos.
  6. Taxes and title transfer costs shouldered by buyer

There are just not many properties this good on the market


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    Are you looking for property in Sibulan? If you are there are many options to chose from on our website and our Affiliated licensed brokers would love the opportunity to help you find the one property that is just right for you. If you are not sure of the area you want to live in around Dumaguete City, let us explain why Sibulan should not be forgotten. Sibulan is a  seaside municipality just directly to the North of the Duamguete and is characterized as a place that has it all. There are great light fine sand beaches and the coastal Negros Oriental Mountains rise quickly to the west of the Northern National Highway. this proximity of the mountins to the sea provides many properties with a spectularic panoramic ocean view in the foreground as well as amazing mountain and valley views to the side and rear. As Sibulan is as of yet fairly undiscovered, overshadowed by the tourisms centers of Dauin and Zamboanguita to the Sout, there are plenty of deals still available. Not to be forgotten is the ease of access to Dumaguete City and all the amenities it has to offer. From most places in Sibulan, you will find yourself only 15 - 20 minutes away from the airport and the new City Mall in the north end of the city. So what types of prices can you expect for property in Sibulan. Beach lots are quite pricey with smaller residential sizes ranging in the 5,000 + pesos per square meter, howerver for larger sizes, the prices drop dramatically to under 2,500 pesos per square meter. The big deals lie in larger sized agricultural land, with prices as low as 200 pesos per square meters , but in all liklihood you will get areas on these plots that have spectacular views. For small oceanview lots, there are some really good options with the primest pieces in the 2,500 to 3,500 pesos per square meter range. there are numerous houses for sale in Sibulan however most of them are in the higher price ranges. So if you are in the market for land around Dumaguete, certianly you should open your mind about the possibilities of buying property in Sibulan. We guarantee you will most likely be pleasantly surprised.
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    Submitted by dave0405

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