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OCEAN VIEW LOT FOR SALE SIQ0061 - Lazi - Siquijor

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Property ID : SIQ0061

For Sale ₱3,200,000 php - Development Land, Estate Lot, Income Properties, Investments, Lots, Residential


This lot is located in Talayong Lazi, this lot has an amazing view of the ocean, the entire lot size is 7,920 square meters and it’s been half of the Barangay road the 1,405sqm and 6,515 sqm that gives this lot easy access to the road. The water and the power are nearby so you don’t have to worry about getting one hooked up.

Business Ideas:
Front Beach Resort, Apartment, Condotel and Restaurant, Bar, and more…


Lot Area Size: 7,920
Price : 3,200,000
Location: Talayong, Lazi, Siquijor Island



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