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Property ID : 14549

Sold [SOLD] - Income Properties, Investments

Investment Property for Sale

This investment property for sale is located in a large compound of about 2,408sqm lot size. There are eight rental units with the following details:

  • Four Units of Three bedrooms with 2 toilet and bath, rented each month for Php 22,000.00
  • Two Units of Two bedrooms with one toilet and bath rented each month for Php 18,000.00
  • Two Units of One bedroom with one toilet and bath rented each month for Php 15,000.00

All Units are fully furnished

Floor Areas:

  • Three bedroom unit – 90sqm
  • Two Bedroom unit – 60sqm
  • One bedroom – 46sqm

Property is close to Valencia and downtown Dumaguete City and is right along paved barangay road

Investment Property for Sale Details:

  • Location: Combado, Bacong
  • Price: Php 35,000,000.00


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Are you thinking of buying a property in Bacong? If so, we are the people to help your dreams become a reality. With dozens of quality listings, big and small , either houses or lots and within all price ranges, there is no other real estate brokers in Negros Oriental that can give you as much selection. And best of all, every single on of the brokers affiliated with us are dedicated to giving you top level , knowledgeable and transparent service. If you are not fully aware of what Bacong is all about, let us give you some basic information. Bacong is a small ocean side municipality just on the outskirts of Dumaguete City along the Soutern National Highway. It boasts attractive beaches to the East and coastal mountain foothills to the west, so if you are looking for ocean front or ocean view property, you will be able to find either here. Another selling point of property in Bacong is that even at its most Southern boundary, you will find yourself only 15 minutes away from Robinson's Mall in Dumaguete. To give you an overview of the property market in Bacong, beach lots typically run approximately 2,500 pesos per square meter for large tracts of land and 5,000 and up for smaller plots ideal for a single family residence, however those types of property are very scarce. To purchase a lot close to the beach on the between the ocean and the National Highway, you will find a wide selection of smaller sized lots which are typically priced at 1,500 to 2,500 per square meter. On the mountain side of the highway, land is considerably cheaper and you can find deals anywhere from 300 pesos per square meter to 1,000 pesos per square meter depending on the size and ease of access to the property. If you are looking for a house and lot in Bacong, there is usually plenty on the market ranging from about 3.5 million pesos for simple single family homes to upwards of 15 million pesos for some custom build beach houses.


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