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GLAMPING RESORT FOR SALE ID 14872 - Zamboanguita

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Property ID : 14872

For Sale β‚±99,660,000 php - Commercial, Income Properties, Investments, Resort
6644 SQM 10 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms 2 Garages  Add to Favorites Print

Zamboanguita’s Luxurious Resort

🏝️ Explore Luxury Living in Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental! 🏝️

Welcome to a truly exceptional property nestled in the picturesque town of Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. This expansive estate spans 6,644 square meters and showcases two luxurious houses, offering a total of 10 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Boasting a blend of elegance and comfort, this property presents a rare opportunity for those seeking the epitome of coastal living.


Key Features: πŸ’° Price: P99,660,000

πŸ“ Size: 6,644 sqm
πŸ“ Location: Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental
🏑 Description: The property comprises 4,253 sqm of titled land, along with 1,862 sqm of designated MLA accretion land on the beachfront. Additionally, a perpetual lease of a narrow strip of neighbor’s land along the eastern fence-line adds further value to this remarkable estate. Notably, an extra 1,254 sqm of designated FLA accretion land on the beach is available outside the fence, offering vast potential for development and expansion.

Main House:

Size: 200 sqm
3 Bedrooms
Modern Kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances
Stylish Bathroom with contemporary fixtures
Bar area for entertaining guests
Spacious Lounge and Dining area, perfect for gatherings and relaxation

Beach House:

Size: 185 sqm
3 Rooms offering cozy accommodations
2 Bathrooms for convenience
Kitchenette and Bar for preparing meals and drinks
Equipped with Water Tanks and Pressurized Water Options

Pool Area:

Features a refreshing 105-litre pool for leisurely swims
Expansive Deck for sunbathing and outdoor dining
Includes Slide, Lights, and Fountains for added enjoyment
Pump Room and Dog Pool for the ultimate in convenience and pet-friendly living

Workshop/Shed/Lola Room Building:

Size: 175 sqm
1 Bedroom with comfortable living space
Bathroom with modern amenities
Undercover Entertainment Area for hosting events
Workshop and Laundry Area for practical use
Garage for 2 Cars and Generator Room for security and convenience

Caretaker Cottage:

Features 2 Bedrooms, providing comfortable accommodations
Lounge area for relaxation
Fully equipped Kitchen for meal preparation β€’ 1 Bathroom for convenience


πŸ’° Price: P77,340,000
πŸ“ Size: 5,156 sqm
🏝️ Description: The resort boasts an array of amenities, including an infinity pool, spa facilities, and a shared kitchen, ensuring guests enjoy the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Additionally, the property features an original house, hospitality building, day use cottages, and more, offering versatility and potential for expansion. With 4,252 sqm of titled land and 904 sqm of designated MLA accretion land on the beachfront, Shenanigans Glamping Resort presents a lucrative investment opportunity in a highly sought-after location. Plus, an additional 466 sqm of designated FLA accretion land on the beach is available outside the fence, further enhancing the property’s potential for expansion and development.

Rainbow House:

Size: 120 sqm
2 Bedrooms for peaceful retreats
Kitchen and Dining Area for culinary delights and family gatherings
Bathroom with modern amenities for convenience
Lounge Area for relaxation and leisurely moments
Maids Room/Storage Room for added organization and utility

Main Hospitality Building:

Size: 270 sqm
Bar/Dining Area for social gatherings and entertainment
Office space for business needs or administrative tasks
Indoor Kitchen equipped with top-of-the-line appliances
Staff CR (Comfort Room) for staff convenience
Storage Rooms for supplies and equipment
Pump Room to ensure smooth operation of utilities
Guest Camp Kitchen for delightful dining experiences

Accommodation Tents:

5 Luxury Glamping Tents offering upscale accommodations
5 Classic Tents for a cozy and comfortable stay
5 Budget Tents providing affordable lodging options

Back of House:

Size: 140 sqm
Drying Area for laundry and wet gear
Laundry Room for guest and staff laundry needs
Generator Area for uninterrupted power supply
Store Room/Pump Room for storage and utility management
Workshop/Staff Room for maintenance and staff facilities

Workshop/Storage Room:

Size: 50 sqm
Multi-functional space for storage and workshop activities

Nippa Hut Cottages:

Accommodate 10-12 guests with power source and lights for added comfort


Equipped with power source and lights, perfect for karaoke nights or dining under the stars

Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of paradise at the resort. Interested buyers are encouraged to contact us today to seize this extraordinary opportunity and embark on a journey of luxury and success! 🌟

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    Are you looking for Property in Zamboanguita? If so, maybe we can help. Our affiliated licensed brokers have many quality listing of all types. Whether you are looking for a beach lot, an inland property or a house and lot, we are sure we can make your dreams a reality.Zamboanguita id the third municipality from Dumaguete City , along the South National Highway. From the boundary of Dauin and Zamboanguita, you will find yourself only 20 to 25 minutes away from Robinson's mall, meaning that though you are are living in quiet country setting of a tropical island paradise, you are never too far away from all the modern amenities of a medium sized and progressive city. Zamboanguita is also right on the sea side, and is the closest point between the island of Negros and world famous diving destination, Apo Island.In terms of real estate market conditions for property in Zamboanguita, just like all locations surrounding Dumaguete City, has become highly popular. A small residential sized beach lot may have been attainable a year or two ago at around 1,500 pesos per square meter, however with most of the good land in Dauin gone, beach property in under 2000 square meter in size will cost 3,000 to 4,000, and if you will take a bigger lot of 5,000 squaremeters or more, you could get it as low as 1,800 pesos per square meter. Property on theΒ  sea side of the highway, that is not oceanfront can still be had cheaply and in most case will run around 1,000 pesos per square meter. On the mountain side of the highway there are plenty of deals to be had but most land will be in larger areas. You could spend as little as 200 pesos per square meter but will need to buy 1 or more hectares.
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