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Property ID : 14540

Sold [SOLD] - Income Properties, Investments
650 sqm 5 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms  Add to Favorites Print

Dumaguete Apartment Building for Sale

This Dumaguete apartment building for sale is a good solid investment property. It has one 2 bedroom apartment with 2 washrooms and 3, 1 bedroom , 1 washroom units.  The 3 bedroom units rent out for 15,000 pesos per month and the 2 bedroom unit could go for 18,000 per months easily. this will give monthly income of just under 65,000 pesos per month, giving a return on investment just from operations, of approximately 7% per year. Add into the equation property appreciation in a steadily growing market such as Dumaguete, and you will have an ROI closer to 10%.

This proeprty is located in Daro, one of the best neighborhoods in the city and though it is an interior lot, the access is fully cemented. Being only minutes away from the downtown core, Siliman university and the new aces Dumaguete Hospital, this is perfectly located for a prime rental market.

Dumaguete Apartment Building for Sale Details:

  • Lot Area: 650sqm
  • Location: Daro, Dumaguete City
  • Price: Php 10,000,000.00 All taxes and transfer costs shall be shouldered by the buyer.

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