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Beach Resort For Sale in Bohol ID 14717

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Property ID : 14717

For Sale ₱22,500,000 php - Income Properties, Investments, Resort


There are three properties included on the sale price of this resort

Property 1 – Beachfront Resort with 50meters beach frontage
1) Beachfront with facilities
4 rooms for accommodation,
function area with cafe and kitchen
4 floating cottages
6 land cottages,
small banca and speed boat included (not operational)
Lot area 872 sqm.
Titled Lot

2) Lot (with a cliff) facing the sea
Undeveloped but good for villa, restaurant at the cliff.
Tax Dec Only
Lot Area: 945 sqm.

3) Lot along the Provincial road
Undeveloped but good for residential.
Tax Dec only
Lot Area: 811 sqm.

Properties 1 and 2 are only separated by one lot but are almost connected on the beach area.
Property 3 is about 2km away from these two properties and is right along the provincial highway.

Sinandigan, Ubay may become the next tourist destination after Panglao and Anda.  The beach is quite interesting for water-based activities such as kayak, sailing and even dragon boat competition can be hosted in the Basiao channel.  It is close to the mangrove sanctuary, and a hidden white sand beach for everyone to explore. The mountain of Pitogo infront of the beach resort can be an activity for hikers wanting to discover new sites and unchartered caves can be another adventure course, just few minutes of travel by banca.

An airport is being built in Camambugan, 5 kilometers away from the future Ubay City and the ground works is now complete.  Exciting times for Ubay so time to invest!
The Beach Resort is 12km from the Poblacion.

Total Lot Area Included on the sale: 2,628sqm
Price: Php 22,500,000.00
Location: Sinandigan Ubay, Bohol

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