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Property ID : 14836

For Sale ₱60,000,000 PHP - Apartment, Income Properties, Investments, Residential


This apartment complex is a perfect home away from your home. Located in a peaceful and tranquil place surrounded with lush garden and has a magnificent view of Mt. Talinis.
The units feature a large terrace that has a view of the pool and the garden that offers a relaxed living environment.
Each unit has spacious living and dining area, a private toilet and bath equipped with rain shower, a queen comfy bed with cotton linens and split air condition, a fully fitted kitchen with dinnerware, refrigerator, oven, stove and other cooking facilities.
A fiber Wi-Fi internet connection is installed, 300mbs and 200mbs and cable tv.

Additional details:

14 Modern Fully Furnished Apartments
Twelve Units at 72sqm floor area
Two Units at 60sqm floor area

To note:

There are 3 buildings with four units at 72 sqm floor area
One building with two units at 60sqm located at the back area of the property
Main Residential/Commercial Building
Floor Area: 298.18sqm

Three bedrooms with two air-condition units and nine ceiling fans
Two toilet and bath
One Stock Room
Spacious workshop and laundry area
2 spacious kitchen and dining area
Living area with CCTV
Alfresco Dining
Façade Area
Two Parking Area
Staff Room
Landscaped Lawn
Swimming Pool: 75sqm
Gated Compound with emergency lights and driveway solar lights
Automatic Gate controlled with CCTV

Lot Area: 3,604sqm
Price: P60,000,000.00. Taxes and Title Transfer Costs slot 50/50
Location: West Balabag, Valencia

To Note:

Individual Units can be purchased
72sqm Unit Priced at P4,500,000.00
60sqm Unit Priced at P4,000,000.00
Main House/Commercial Building at P15,000,000.00
Monthly maintenance fees: P1,645,000.00 which includes garbage disposal, garden/ground maintenance, swimming pool access and maintenance
Monthly Car Parking Fee: P3,000,000.00 (purchase of Parking can be arranged)


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    Are you looking for property in Valencia in the province of Negros Oriental? If so, we invite you to browse the many quality listing of our affiliated licensed brokers, who have painstakingly checked out each and every property before it gets listed on our website. To start, let us give you a brief overview of Valencia. It is a municipality, nestled withing the coastal Mountains of Negros Oriental with the majestic backdrop of Mount Talinis and the focal point being the town proper. In downtown Valencia, you will find a local market, town square and a laid back and friendly community of locals, and a short drive into the mountains will take you to lush rain forests, majestic waterfalls and soothing hot springs. One of the main drawing points of this area for foreigners and Filipinos alike, is the cooler more temperate climate, typical of higher elevations. In terms of market conditions, property in Valencia is highly sought after due to the recent  boom due to the influx of foreign expats attracted to all the Negros Oriental communities surrounding Dumaguet City. Lots will range in price from around the 1,000 pesos per sqm point for smaller residential properties in the outlying area and 3,000 to 4,000 for those right in the town proper. For larger property sizes, you will be forced to look in the surrounding barangays  such as East and West Balabog, Palinpanon , etc, and there you could find prices as low as 400 to 500 pesos per square meter. Like most of Negros Oriental around Dumaguete, decent house and lots for sale are few and far between, however there are some out there mostly above the 5 million peso mark.
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