malapascua-islandMalapascua is an extremely popular yet undamaged island just north of Cebu in the Visayan Sea.

It hosts some 32 resorts mainly catering for the avid dive community who flock to see the elusive thresher sharks which appear there daily. Over 99% of it's roads are just sand tracks and 95% of the coastline of this small island (just 1.6 square kilometers) is skirted by soft white sands.

The three main beaches are:

  • Bounty Beach: 1800m of unbroken sand from the south west corner to half way up the east coast - and the epicenter of the resort area.
  • The 470m Logon Beach which borders the main village area of logon
  • The beautiful and unscathed 630m Langob Beach which runs across the northern shores.
  • There are also a further 13 small beaches and coves to make Mapalascua one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines.
    Malapascua has recently emerged as one of the Nation's most prized nature reserves and has gained favorable reviews on the global stage for diving, natural beauty and romantic retreats.

    With land prices steadily rising from the late 90's and recently accelerating in ascent, there has never been a better time to invest in this tropical paradise gem.

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